Warm Up & Win Giveaway

Don’t let the end of the holiday season put a chill on your good cheer. The giveaways are still in full effect here in North End Shaw. This time, we have teamed up with D/CITY Style for the chance to win cold weather gear from Chrome and a winter’s worth of ramen from Haikan. The rules are simple:

1. Post a photo on Instagram to show how you’re staying warm this season.
2. Tag @DCITYstyle and hashtag #DCITYstyle and #WaystoWarmUp to enter the contest.
3. The 10 best photos will be posted on Facebook.com/DCITYstyle
4. Through early February fans will like the photos and the one with the most likes will win the prize.
*The deadline is January 31.

What are you waiting for? Start snapping now for a chance to warm up and win!!